New Gravel bike wheelset GRO2


carbon wheelset

Our materials R&D department works every day to create newer, lighter and stronger carbon fiber materials and resins. The forging pattern is also based on the original silk of the Japanese Toray T700 and T800, but it has changed the way it is woven, with our unique resin. In the case of the same weight ratio, a more brilliant luster is added. Forging patterns in natural light will reflect different visual effects. If you are already visually tired of UD, 12K, 3K, then the new forging pattern will be a good choice for you. It will definitely bring you a different kind of confidence, like putting on a prince's new clothes.


As the Gravel bike becomes more and more mature in the market, everyone feels more happiness and better riding experience brought by the Gravel bike, and there are more demands for the function of the Gravel bike, not only hoping to complete the comprehensive use of muddy roads and urban roads, but also putting forward higher requirements for it. So we have a new idea for the wheelset of the Gravel bike. Gravel GRO2 is considered in many ways. Using more than 50% of the T800 carbon cloth, the GRO2 achieves a lighter weight, and in the stress performance, the indicators reach the best value, stiffness, weight, and stress absorption are more balanced.

gravel wheel

Gro2 has an internal width of 24mm, an outer width of 31mm, and a height of 45mm, so it can use tires of 32~50C. The rim shape is U-V. The performance in aerodynamics is also extremely eye-catching, and the test uses 35C tires to compare 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm. In tests with speeds of less than 40KM/H, GRO2 was able to stay ahead of the curve. Even more striking is GRO2's use of a special surface material for the first time, which is surprising at first sight. It is a unique and distinctive carbon fiber surface. We call it a forged pattern.

carbon wheelset

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