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  • About the yuan an technology

    Based on years of experience in producing and developing carbon fiber bicycle rims, yuan an bike integrates excellent resources in the industry, from material production, rim production, painting, and manual assembly of a complete chain to bring customers higher quality products.

  • New brake surface.

    The latest development of three different brake edges UTS1, UTS2, UTS3. 100% using Japan Toray carbon fiber yarn combined with self-developed high-temperature resin, can withstand braking temperature of 270 ℃. Combining the crystal to polish the brake edges, it can more effectively enhance the braking performance, and it can match a variety of brake pads on the market.

  • What is a UNC carbon rim?

    UNC is Ultralight Non-Coated,which means the rims are original natural carbon surface ,without any coatings/painting . First of all,regular rims from the mold,need a lot of processing links:grinding,drilling,painting,labeling,to the final shipment.Of course,during this process,each rim needs to go through with a number of links of quality testing including the flatness testing,roundness testing,weight testing,as well as tire pressure testing and so on.

  • About our carbon fiber materials

    With the increasing requirements of customers, the improvement of product quality lies at the source. We started with the development of carbon fiber materials.

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